Friday, January 11, 2013

Back from a Break!

So after a winter break + 1 week of "J-term," I'm back. J term basically means having one week to solve a problem; mine was cheating on tests, which I was supposed to solve.

Creativity... ahh, how I missed you. I learned how to make iMovie and hide cameras in bookshelves and eavesdrop. <3 Agent Anya, reporting for duty!

This month, I want to focus on book covers. I used to be on, where I sometimes wrote stories and edited others, but I LOVED to make book covers. So it irks me a little when I see published books with, well, not-so-great covers.

Besides other artsy endeavors, I will be starting: Critique of the Week, where I critique and/or redesign covers that I don't like. This will probably be only a month since I really want to do other projects-- as much as I love books and Photoshop.

Anyway, long time no blog!! :) I will be back to commenting on IC, Mellywood's Mansion, etc. this weekend.

Happy creating~!