Friday, January 11, 2013

Back from a Break!

So after a winter break + 1 week of "J-term," I'm back. J term basically means having one week to solve a problem; mine was cheating on tests, which I was supposed to solve.

Creativity... ahh, how I missed you. I learned how to make iMovie and hide cameras in bookshelves and eavesdrop. <3 Agent Anya, reporting for duty!

This month, I want to focus on book covers. I used to be on, where I sometimes wrote stories and edited others, but I LOVED to make book covers. So it irks me a little when I see published books with, well, not-so-great covers.

Besides other artsy endeavors, I will be starting: Critique of the Week, where I critique and/or redesign covers that I don't like. This will probably be only a month since I really want to do other projects-- as much as I love books and Photoshop.

Anyway, long time no blog!! :) I will be back to commenting on IC, Mellywood's Mansion, etc. this weekend.

Happy creating~!


  1. Welcome welcome back, iMovie sounds very cool! Hope you enjoyed your holidays xo

  2. hey I'm not able subscribing to your RSS feed. Can you help or do you know why? thanks for the assistance.
    jeux bebe