Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Done :)

I am done with the senbazuru. Approximately 4 months, 4 days, and (APPROXIMATELY) 4 hours have passed since I begun.

Pictures to come.

I hung them from two headbands... again, this will make more sense once pictures are posted, but there were these small wire twisty things meant to fix it to your hair/scalp. Instead, I used them to tie the strings to. Now, I just have to tie the headbands together. They kind of form an infinity symbol, which I really like.

So proud of myself. It's been a long journey. I'm debating to fold one last non-mini (all of my other ones are teensy) crane and make it 1,001. Thoughts?

Merry belated Christmas! It's been forever since I posted because I have been folding like CRAZY. I folded 75 cranes today. Also, I stabbed myself with the needle a ton when I was stringing and then dropped the headband on my foot when I was hanging. Yes, I am clumsy... *sigh*...

I hope everybody is having a happy holidays filled with good weather, smiles, and joy. I really want it to snow here because now that it's gone, well, I want it back. Snowballs, forts, angels, and sledding, I want to do it all! Preferably before winter break ends.

xx Anya

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  1. That is fantastic, I'm so proud of you, do you have RSI? Well done! If I'm not back beforehand happy new year xxxoo