Monday, December 3, 2012

Senbazuru Update & Origami Advent


59.6% of the way there... So excited, happy, and proud.

On the other hand, I made an origami advent. I made different origami animals and put them into envelopes, labelling them with odd-numbered days in December. Then the next day would be a corresponding fun fact written on colorful flaps taped onto a foam board. So if Dec. 1 was pelican, then Dec. 2 would be a pelican fun fact. (This was for the family friend that I'm making the senbazuru for, btw, and she loves my origami and also loves to learn.) Instead of going to Christmas, it went to January 2nd. Originally it was going to go to New Year's to allow for more time to fold and stuff but we're celebrating together on the 3rd so it would be a nice buildup.

A rushed project due to a glue disaster & some sticky situations (lol, pun intended) so no pics. >:(

But my birthday is coming up, the 10th, so I'm super excited about party planning. As according to plan, my besties and I are going to do some cookie decorating (at home) so I need to make a grocery list... and of course with a side of ice cream!

Sooo... what's your favorite party food & activity? (No I don't mean clubbing, I mean birthday party style.) I think I might get to making party hats. Birthdays are an excellent excuse for creativity and art projects... house decorating, cookie decorating, invites (although we did e-vites this year sadly) and goodie bags. How could we miss goodie bags?! I is excited ;D and also thank you cards.

Also, the mantel shelf is a mess. why? because I put all my arts stuff here. Thread, needles, paper, glue, tape, paint, watercolor, brushes, pencil, you get the idea. When I have an idea I just pull stuff out and vĂ³ila, an art project! My mom simply shakes her head; she's long given up on cleaning it... it's my mini arts studio except, you know, SUPER messy...

Happy December, crafters!!


  1. Have a very Happy Birthday! My birthday is this month as well. Have fun celebrating! I came by to say thanks for following Inspiration Cafe and leaving such sweet comments there. We love making new friends!!!

  2. Oh I'm sorry I missed your birthday, I hope it was wonderful xoxoxo