Monday, December 17, 2012

Sandy Hook

Tomorrow, my school's service club (me and many good friends) are holding a sale to raise money for Sandy Hook. This money will go towards counselling money, money for parents to take a leave of absence for work, funeral money, memorial money etc. We are selling candy canes wrapped with ribbons. The ribbons will be worn the rest of the week in Sandy Hook's school colors (green & white) to show support for the brave people of the school, relatives, and those affected.

I'm swamped by finals (it's the end of the term) and haven't had time for ANY crafts projects! However, I'm looking for little bits of fabric, clay, beads and other for my little village, which will be started after my 1000 cranes are done.

While I am struck by this tragedy, I am still amazed with how people have come together as communities to help Sandy Hook. Today at least 75% of my school wore green & white, the Sandy Hook Elementary school colours, while 5% wore blue & yellow by accident--the high school's colours. Wow. Hope, teamwork, and understanding will never cease to amaze me.

I went to the concert last night of the locked-out orchestra of our state. It was amazing. Beethoven's 9th was played (and as a classical music dork, of course, I was about to die of happiness!) and it was amazing. Again, in awe of the volunteers & supporters of the orchestra that came together, selling t-shirts, buying concert tickets, making buttons, yard signs, stickers. I have never clapped for that long-- the conductor and solo voices came out at least 5 or 6 times! So many standing ovations... and I was of course elated because I have never heard Beethoven's 9th performed live, with a chorale and everything.

Excited to start on a Christmas present for family friends when winter break begins!! For now, off to studying the Great Depression...

(p.s. Tomorrow is the Day of Silence for Sandy Hook, bloggers! participate, please!)


  1. Oh Anya, what a touching post. The tears have flown so freely since Friday. It's hard to contain them. It's nice to hear how everyone's community is coming together to show support...including the blogging community. I too will be participating in the day of silence tomorrow. It's the very least I can do.

    1. Thank you :) It is very true. Even my school's security has increased. It feels like a reminder every time the door automatically locks behind me... but it is so unbelievably sad.