Friday, December 21, 2012

Artsy Literature (again)

i lost myself in
felt myself shatter 
tiny little pieces, i think

your necklace hung
a promise, burning my
skin with the lie. I felt
the silver chain,
was tempted to break it
like it had broken 

Isn't it funny, the way
words are so small.
infinitesimal, really 
a slice of life in a world
too big for humans. 

 you lost yourself
twice: february, then
again, september.
isn't it funny the
way you hear them
and you stand, silent
knowing they have
changed you?

we betrayed each
other without even
knowing it. words. an
almost apology in 
the air. a quiet
acceptance, from both of us.

the next time you feel
yourself falling, reach out to me: let 
me feel the warmth of your skin
the weight of your world. let
me take some of your burden--

the next time you are lost
can we be lost together?
This is for my English portfolio. It's for/about one of my good friends, who has a few family problems, but is such a sweet, kind, smart guy. :) Thought I would post it. Also, goodbye, finals!! Hellooo, Winter break!!!!!

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