Saturday, December 8, 2012


Anya's Top 10 Things She Loves About....


Yes, it's snowing already. Yikes. (Also, somebody broke my snow globe. *Looks around house and glares* the music stand broke in two... grr.) Winter, winter, winter!!

10. Pretty Christmas ornaments.
9. The wrapping paper that goes on sale (!!)
8. Candy canes.
7. Going shopping at Whole Foods for cookie ingredients and eating all the free samples for stuff.
6. Michaels sales!
5. The crunching sound that snow makes under your boots.
4. When you wake up in the morning and there's this ethereal silence and you know it has snowed, and you look out the window and you're right: everything is so quiet and still and it feels like the world has stopped just to stare at how gorgeous everything looks, like a little frosted village.
3. Frost patterns on the windows.  Snow at night (well, not driving in it...) but when you can see it under the streetlight and it's so pretty!
1. ...My birthday, which is on Monday!

photo.JPGI've begun my crafts spree and bought some decorations for my village. I'm going into this completely blind... I have no idea what I'm making, I'll decide later. I want to see what happens if I just kind of build. Like, what will it look like? Will it be better than planning every detail? Once I finish crafting, I'll begin the engineering part with the pulleys and wind-ups and et cetera. Look at these sparkly things! I saw them and couldn't help myself... only $0.39, too.

And, since my birthday fiesta is tomorrow... I bought some cookie decorating supplies: frosting, sprinkles, etc. Fingers crossed that it goes well. I'm excited...and nostalgic. One of the girls who is coming has been my best friend since Kindergarten. Just this Friday, I heard her give a speech to the school. *Sigh* she's grown so much! Of course, I'm shorter than her, so I'm not quite one to talk. 

Also, I have somewhere around 680 cranes. I'm planning to string some tonight (120 of them... *sigh*) but I have an audiobook to listen to while I do it. I don't enjoy stringing. On the other hand, when I feel like I want to stab my eyes out with the needle (...exaggeration) I think about how I have to study for my math test (ew, imaginary numbers in quadratic functions! YUCK!) and appreciate.

Off to stringing. Happy winter (although not officially)!!


  1. Have fun stringing. As for the village just make it up as you go :)

    Mel xo