Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Artsy... Literature?

720 cranes :D
Also, it's 12/12/12!

But aside from that... Tis the season to be *swamped-by-homework-and-feel-like-you-are-going-to-slowly-painfully-die-in-the-ever-growing-pile-of-test-notices-in-the-corner* merry, tralalalala, lalalala.

Also, I am a year older now! My birthday was on the 10th of December, sadly accompanied by a quiz, math test, math meet, and SS presentation. And... English!

In preparation for our Creative Writing unit, we have to do some writing challenges, and I thought it might be fun to share some. After all, literature is artsy, too :) You are welcome to write with me and share your snippets in the comments section!

Challenge 1: Write a fable! It cannot have a happy ending. (15min.)
Timer: 5:48-6:03
By: Anya and Emilie

Once upon a time, there were two best friends. One was Hildegarde; Hilda, who had long, fair hair and a smile that could charm even the darkest soul. And of course you could never see Hildegarde without Margaretta-- Mags, the village people called her. Her hair was sable silk and eyes like the ocean. They had been friends since they had met in the village school. They lived in an old village, far away from London, in a place just slightly in the middle of nowhere, near the Big Woods in England: The village of Raven's Swoop.

Mags and Hilda knew exactly what they were going to do: they had vowed to become schoolteachers together. Hilda for English; Mags for maths. They would teach at the school where they had grown up. They would be forever close. They would have no secrets, because we all know that secrets become a private anarchy between friends as close as Hilda and Mags.

And yet there is always something more. That summer, Mags's father was killed in a fire at the factory where he was a tailor. Mags, who had run in to try and save her father, now bore a face so scarred that her school friends could hardly bear to look at it. And Hilda?

Hilda and Mags, forever, Hilda told herself. She forbade herself to dream of anything better. Secretly, Mags was just another burden... Was this really her childhood friend? Margaretta, the fair? Hildegarde, the princess? Where was their friendship going? But such questions are the foundation of loss. And slowly, Hilda began to let go of Mags. Little things, at first. No, sorry, I'm busy today. They grew bigger, these arguments. No, Mags! If you weren't just so gloomy-- And the grand finale: Mags, why can't we just go back to the old times? You've changed. I wish we'd not ever been friends in the first place! And later, Hilda to her new friends: Mags is so ugly. I can't believe I was friends with her.

Mags and her mother moved. Another village, this time in the South of France--her mother's mother's home, a quaint little cottage. Mags did not tell Hilda where she was moving. Hilda found that she didn't quite care. Mags changed her name back to Margaretta, Hilda back to Hildegarde. It was as if nothing had ever happened.

They met, once, for the last time, in a train station somewhere in London. They did not recognize each other. Two ships passing in the night; Hilda, being pushed in a wheelchair, leg mangled. She had just been in an accident involving a drunk trolley driver. Margaretta, walking swiftly, scars healed. Hildegarde saw her--perhaps once--and called out: "Mags!" Pushing herself through the crowd, to the train. "Mags!"

Margaretta turned around, once, just after the conductor punched her ticket, in the doorway of the compartment. Hilda called once more, "Mags!" They found each other, eyes connecting, in the crowd. Margaretta turned back. The doors slid shut.
(Ze End...)

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  1. Well done, I like it but I am kind of happy that karma bit her in the butt!