Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY Snow Globe!

Materials Needed: Jar, distilled water, glitter, glue
Extras: Pictures (in that case laminator also), clay, oven, baby oil, dish scrubber
Time: About 15-30 minutes.

Snow, snow. How beautiful; that is, until it turns into the gray/ icky/ brownish/ "Mother-of-God-what-is-this"-inducing expression/ thing we call slush. But where there's a will, there's (almost) always a way. We can preserve our beautiful snowy a snow globe!

1) Find a jar. I used a salsa jar because I liked its size.

2) *Old Spice Voice* Crafters...Look at your jar. Now look at the ornaments you're going to put in them. Now back in the jar. Does it fit? Choose wisely!

3) Take the label off. If this seems impossible, use the thing that you do dishes with (probably.) No, not a dishwasher... that brush thing that has bristles! If you don't have one, never fear. If this works, a toothbrush (not yours, although this may be the perfect time to get back at that one sibling you never liked) or a sponge will probably worked. Possibly even the toilet bowl cleaner.

3.5) *EXTRA* If you don't have ornaments, I suggest using clay! The more handmade/diy, the better :) For this, I made a music stand and some music, baked it in the oven for 20 minutes at 350ºF (along with some marbles--another project) and completed #4. You can also laminate pictures, etc.

4) Hot glue the feet/base of the ornaments/clay onto the underside of the lid. (AKA, not the top of the lid... flip it over!!) Give it some time to dry. While waiting, rummage in your cabinets for baby oil OR glycerine.

5) Don't have baby oil or glycerine? Never fear! It is a brave new world in which we have this handy thing called distilled water! If you have a small amount of baby oil, don't use it. After about 20 extra minutes of experimenting with ratios, I found out that it must be all baby oil or all water. (Since I don't own glycerine, I don't actually know about the necessary ratios.) Otherwise, your glitter clumps and falls in a decidedly most ungraceful, un-snow-like way. All baby oil/glycerine does is slow down the snow anyway. Fill the jar with distilled (tap) water/baby oil/glycerine.

6) Glitter...glitter...glitter. Pour a small lump in. Sometimes, your glitter will stick to the surfaces of the jar so add more than you think you'll need. You can stir if you want.

7) Carefully stick your ornament in. It will be upside down--basically, you are just screwing the lid onto the jar. Don't worry; trust your hot glue will be fine. Whether you want to hot glue the lid to the jar or not is up to you. I'm waiting a bit to glue mine just in case there are any mistakes that I need to fix (amount of glitter, baby oil, ornament's glue etc.)

8) Turn your jar over. Shake. Admire. Happy crafting, all!


  1. Great idea Anya, and i love glitter, thanks for coming by and I'm happy to be your first follower, looking forward to seeing more :)

    1. Aah! My first commenter & follower; I am so excited. Thank you!! And yes, glitter is the best :D