Sunday, November 25, 2012

Senbazuru Update

Guess what!? 400! Yes, that's right. 400 cranes :) I started the senbazuru for one of my teachers in late August, hoping to hit at least 100 and then we'd see. I'm stringing them as I go, aiming for 25 strings of 40. Right now I have 9 (360 strung) and another one ready to go... soon I will have 10 beautiful strings hanging!! I'm keeping the top part of the strings under various cups, containers, etc. and it looks crazy.

I fold, on average, 15ish cranes a day (at school) and over Thanksgiving break so far I've folded a little over 100. The great thing about this is that I can fold while reading, studying, listening to music; anything that is hands-free. It's meant to be a New Year's present and I'm counting on the fact that should I not have it nearly done by the first week of winter break, then I'll do some extreme folding and stringing.

Happy crafting, all! :)

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