Thursday, November 29, 2012

Terrible Thursdays?

What a day!! I'm so tired... *le sigh* and have absolutely no energy left. I really don't want to write an essay on WWI right now let alone look at where exactly my math homework went wrong. Ugh. In science, while using an evaporation dish on a Bunsen burner, one of my lab partners picked it up with tongs and promptly dropped it-- goodbye, rule #1 for the project (you have to follow the Law of Conservation of Mass.) All in all, we were only 1.4g off of the original mass so it wasn't terrible but tomorrow comes the real test... lab report write-up.

Also, Spanish. Me estoy volviendo loco... tengo mucha tarea que me está matando. Creo que estoy un poca enferma porque me duele la garganta. Estaba enferma toda el día y mañana es la competencia de spelling y creo que yo estoy perdiendo mi voz. Ay, mi Díos. Mi casa está en el medio de una guerra sobre la universidad para mi hermana. Toda mi familia tiene una idea diferente y nadie puede acordar. Ayúdame! 'Nuff said.

On the other hand, my super cute Totoro sweatshirt came in the mail. If you don't know Totoro... I attached a picture of him for reference. I'm a toddler at heart, really. I require naptime, cookies, and Totoro sweatshirts :)

Well, I also have over 515 cranes!! Yay! Origami gives me some measure of sanity; that and practicing music.

Okay then. Off to immerse myself in World War I. Then to bed, hopefully, if only for a little bit before I get back to homework (read: naptime.)

xx Anya :)

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